Kiró is a Health I + D + i company, focused on developing medical articles with high social impact, of an innovative nature, with the premise of providing accessibility to these technologies. It is made up of kinesiologists, engineers and neuroscientists with great expertise in the development of hospital products, focused on improving the quality of life of their clients and the social inclusion of people with disabilities.

A manually operated wheelchair with an electric standing mechanism. You will be able to increase your reach possibilities, transforming it into a powerful rehabilitation and integration tool that you can use at all times, comfortably and safely. In addition, researchers support its effectiveness in preventing many physical problems.


The most economical, lightweight and resistant active chair on the market, its weight will make your life easier. Designed and tested by wheelchair users, it has a carbon-steel structure that makes it very light and easy to move. Once you try it, you will notice the difference.


An electric handbike with easy and fast installation. It has a powerful lithium battery that will allow you to walk the streets without any problem. In addition, it has a powerful brake system that will always keep you safe and it is designed to be very easy to store. It is ideal to be used with your ultralight Activate chair.

Our Value Proposition

Our Warranty

If the product doesn’t suit you in the first 10 days, you´ll get your money back.

Professional recommendation

9 of every 10 kinesiologists recommend our products.

Hospital Back Up

The best hospitals in the country give us back up

LATAM Precence

7 countries in LATAM use our technologies


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